To offer opportunities for financial partnership with Ugandan community organizations to meet basic needs for homeless youth and teenage mothers.

Mankind, He has told you might is good and what it is the Lord requires of you: to act justly, to love faithfulness, and to the rights of the poor and needy.
- Micah 6:8


Waka Worldwide is a non-profit organization committed to expressing God’s love and care by providing homes and basic needs for homeless youth and teenaged mothers.

What We Do

Feeding Program: Waka Worldwide finances a feeding program for about 40 children several days a week. These street youth are provided with a well-rounded meal, including meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates, to combat malnourishment.

Health and Medical Care Program: Working with our local partner and local health clinics, Waka Worldwide provides medical testing and vaccinations. As the need arises, vulnerable street youth receive necessary medical interventions, including treatment for malaria and typhoid, stitches, and clean dressings for wounds with the support of our volunteers.

Second-hand Clothing Donations: Many of the homeless youth are barefoot with torn and tattered clothes. Waka Worldwide provides street youth with donations of second-hand clothes and shoes from the local market. Each new outfit is a treasured gift.

Family Reunification Program: As youth living and working on the streets self-identify an interest in reconciling and reunifying with their families, our partner provides a temporary foster family home, therapeutic and transitional support. Waka Worldwide finances the operational costs of the foster family home that houses a maximum of four youth in transition.

Education and Vocational Skills: Waka Worldwide and its partner are invested in the educational and vocational skills development of vulnerable youth. As youth identify educational and vocational goals, we support the exploration and development of their interest. Youth staying in the foster family home also participate in our school-readiness homeschooling program preparing students to re-enroll in their local schools.

Soccer Program: Our partner is also restoring hope to street youth through its soccer club, the Green Angels United. Soccer increases play and teaches valuable life-skills including teamwork, perseverance, confidence, and active healthy living. Waka Worldwide supports the Green Angels United through procurement of in-kind and financial donations to this soccer program.

Where We Work

Lira, Uganda is an urban center in northern-Uganda, where years of civil war involving genocide has destroyed the fabric of families and communities. Fear paired with residual effects of war, such as extreme poverty and broken family relationships, continue to impact the community today.

Our Partner

Waka Worldwide Uganda is a community-based organization that is currently meeting the needs of youth living and working on the streets by providing access to basic needs – shelter, food, clothes, medical care, education and skills training. Its vision is to love the street youth of Lira, Uganda by discipling them in Christ, providing for their basic needs, and restoring them to their families.


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Donate to Waka Worldwide, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization who partners with The Ark Uganda, to provide basic needs for street youth in Lira, Uganda. With your generous donation of any amount, you can make a significant difference!


Priscilla Cheng

Erick Mungo

Board Members:

Priscilla Cheng, Chairperson

Joy Scoggins, Secretary

Krystle Kim, Treasurer

Waka Worldwide is part of the arc of the Kingdom narrative that is centrally about reconciling all things to our creator, making right the injustices in the world, and restoring all of creation to health, beauty, and freedom. Our mission is firmly rooted and established in Christ and His love. During his time on earth, Jesus lived counter-culturally. He went to the darkest places, where no one else wanted to go. He sought out the hurting, the weak, and the poor. He attended to the people everyone else overlooked. He healed the man who had no one to help him into the healing pool in Bethesda. He shared meals with tax collectors, who were the most corrupt and deceptive parts of society. He turned the social order upside down.

We are joining those who have gone before us as God’s people, compelled to follow in the footsteps of Jesus into places of brokenness. We are embodying Christ’s mission and ushering in His kingdom of righteousness, justice, and peace. And we are beginning where he began, among the fatherless, widows, sick, oppressed, and poor.

To restore, reconcile, and transform communities by empowering and equipping homeless youth to live fully into God’s purposes.